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Rex Ray: Art and Design

Gallery 16, San Francisco, California

Gallery 16 artists elliot anderson

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Gallery 16: artists

Rex Ray

Rex Ray is a San Francisco based fine artist, whose collages, paintings and design work have been exhibited at galleries and museums, including the The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, University Art Museum in Berkeley, San Jose Museum of Modern Art, The Crocker Museum in Sacramento, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, Cheryl Haines Gallery, Gallery 16, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions."

Alle bøger i denne gruppe / All books in this group - Mandøes Antikvariat

Alle bøger i denne gruppe / All books in this group - Mandøes Antikvariat: "Mandøes


Travel, landscape, and nature pictures - QT Luong stock photos and fine art prints

Travel, landscape, and nature pictures - QT Luong stock photos and fine art prints: "Browse more than 23,000 images of landscapes, nature photography, ancient and modern cultures, by Quang-Tuan Luong (including large format images and panoramic images), available as fine art prints, for image licencing as stock photos, and also computer wallpaper"


P2 forside - dr.dk/P2

P2 forside - dr.dk/P2: "Stravinskij: Le Sacre du Printemps
Igor Stravinskijs 'Le Sacre du Printemps' chokerede fra starten i 1913 og gør det sådan set stadigvæk - det 20. århundredes vigtigste stykke musik"

MOLOTOW™ Markers



Equipment - Specializing in state of the art mapping and modeling techniques for archeological investigations

Equipment: "Digital Mapping & Graphics
Specializing in state of the art mapping and modeling techniques for archeological investigations.
Services Provided:
*Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
*Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
*3D Modeling

Photomodeler, Fotogrammetri - 3D PHOTO

Photomodeler, Fotogrammetri - 3D PHOTO: "Forhandler af PhotoModeler i Danmark, Norge og Sverige"

PhotoModeler - 3D PHOTO

PhotoModeler - 3D PHOTO: "Hvad er PhotoModeler ?
PhotoModeler er et Windowsbaseret software udviklet til opmåling og modelfremstilling af 3D objekter ved hjælp af fotooptagelser.
PhotoModeler er udviklet af EOS Systems i Canada og er verdensførende inden for denne kategori. Seneste programversion er PhotoModeler 6.
PhotoModeler er et fotogrammetrisk program. Fotogrammetri er betegnelsen for en teknik, der benytter fotooptagelser (fotogram-) til opmåling (-metri). Den korrekte betegnelse er et soft-copy analytic close-range convergent photogrammetric software system. Men betegnelsen til trods er PhotoModeler nemt at bruge.
PhotoModeler er i kraft af sine stærke funktioner og avancerede matematik udviklet til at løse de mest seriøse opgaver."


Rhymesayers Entertainment :: Home

Rhymesayers Entertainment :: Home: "Who is Rhymesayers?
Rhymesayers Entertainment is an independent hip hop record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 1995.
© 2010 Rhymesayers Entertainment.
Don’t Sweat the Techniques."

A Written History
I imagine the concept of the Indie Label has existed as long as music has been marketable. For Hip Hop, as well as other forms of music, the term initially meant there was some outsider of the culture who saw an opportunity. That opportunity may have been genuine interest in helping the culture grow, a chance to cash in on what’s “hot” or perhaps even a combination of the two.

Fifth Element Online - Brother Ali

Fifth Element Online: "Designed for the release of Brother Ali's


MB Sketch

MB Sketch

Molotow Pigmentspray

This special grinded chalk pigment color is particularly designed for all temporary applications, e.g. on asphalt, concrete, wood, grit, gras, trees etc. and as special effect-color for art applications. The natural chalk pigments disappear as a result of weather influence or by cleaning with water. It will be touch dry after a few minutes and effect lighty out after 30 minutes. Molotow Pigmentspray

Dondi White Foundation

Dondi White Foundation: "Welcome to the Dondi White Foundation website."

For more than 20 years in New York City, graffiti culture was as pervasive as it was secretive. Scores of underground artists worked in the shadows to create illicit and unconventional masterpieces-colorful and graphic paintings made with aerosol spray paint on New York City subway lines. Graffiti writer Dondi White came up in the 1970s, plastering his name and many aliases on dozens of subway trains. His work and personality stood out in the culture, and he became a star among graffiti writers. As New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) eradicated graffiti writing from its trains, White became one of many graffitists who began to work aboveground. Graffiti-based art was at the heart of New York’s art scene in the 1980s.

Raleigh Burner - my BMX of the 80s


2009 Helsingør station - Michael Bech

Design Corner » architecture

Design Corner » architecture: "Gun Egg Fryers by Urban Trend"

Design History Lab » Blog Archive » Superstudio: La Amarra Vita

Design History Lab » Blog Archive » Superstudio: La Amarra Vita: "Superstudio: La Amarra Vita"