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Celsing Architects from Sweden



Lundgaard og Tranberg Arkitekter A/S har vundet konkurrencen ” Törnrosen tower – an urban landmark” i Malmø.

April 04

Lundgaard og Tranberg Arkitekter A/S har vundet konkurrencen ” Törnrosen tower – an urban landmark” i Malmø.
Projektet skaber fortætning i Rosengårdskvarteret i Malmø i form af et tårn, lavere ny bebyggelse samt nye by – og haverum.

Introduction / Vision
Our proposal to transform Rosengård into a revitalized, dynamic, urban neighborhood is rooted in the desire to activate the district’s social potential through the concentration and integration of new building forms, urban rooms, and landscapes into the existing monolithic urban structure. The variegated and rich layers of historic city centers provide the inspiration for a gradual concentration of the spatial, social, and functional layers necessary for an attractive and dynamic urban quarter.
Rosengårdstråket is transformed into an articulated urban promenade; a folded boardwalk that unites the neighborhood and takes its place in an overall strategic plan for Malmö as part of chain of public spaces and paths that connect to the city center.
The new boardwalk acts as a connector and catalyst within the city. The boardwalk is an expansive, paved, folding urban surface that follows Rosengårdstråket, forming the backbone for activity and densifi cation. The boardwalk rises up and down, creating a series of new urban spaces, overlooks, and gathering spots, interweaving existing buildings with new building types, functional urban hybrids, and exciting scalar jumps.
At the intersection of the Västra Kattarpsvägen and Rosengårdstråket, where the Rosengård district crosses the city thoroughfare, Rosengård Tower rises as a symbol of diversity and openness – a vertical manifestation of the vital and dynamic city district. The tower is a vertical continuation of the boardwalk, folding and reaching upward, like a narrow winding street in a mountain village, with stairs, small public squares, and public functions looking out over Malmö and uniting a community in Rosengård’s Culture Casbah.



Under Pohutukawa Beach House by Herbst Architects

Under Pohutukawa Beach House by Herbst Architects

Sunday, 23 October 2011 17:26

Auckland-based architectural studio Herbst Architects has designed this stunning two-story beach house, Under Pohutukawa in Piha North, a coastal area in northern New Zealand. Built on a site covered with mature Pohutukawa trees, the residence is designed to resonate with the surrounding trees.

The house is spectacular both inside and out, especially the inside living room which opens up to the forest allowing natural light and air circulation inside the house.

The main structures of the house are two towers "which are construed as freshly sawn stumps of the trees that were removed." One tower houses the bedroom while the other serves as a garage.

A large public space with a living room, dining area and a kitchen, connects the two towers. The roof of the public space
is supported by a series of elements which are inspired by the tree trunks and branches.

The Under Pohutukawa beach house has won the NZIA Auckland architecture award 2011.

Photography: Patrick Reynolds,
Via: HomeDSGN