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Visual Editions - Tree of codes

... The printers at Die Keure have spent the last three months making more copies of Tree of Codes. Rather than tell you how the book is made, they’ve put together a little film to show you.
So here’s an insight into the last three months, in just three minutes: The Making of Tree of Codes.

What we do
Visual Editions, nicknamed VE, is a London-based book publisher, started in early 2009 by Anna and Britt. The idea for VE comes from our joint love of books and a (mischievous) desire to do things differently, so that everything we do translates into a new experience for our readers, and for all the writers and designers we work with. What we do is make sure we turn all that love and mischief into beautifully, lovingly, wonderfully written and crafted books.

We wondered why there is such a large divide between text-driven literary books on the one hand and picture-driven art and design books on the other. And we wondered why this divide seems so extreme, when most of us compute visuals in our everyday more than ever before. We believe this visual everydayness adds to the way we read, it adds to the way we experience what we read and the way we absorb and understand the way stories are told: through words and pictures.

Visual Editions



First designed in 1919 and rapidly popular for its modernist look and superior function, the Triplex Lamp is today getting reborn by Mackapär - after decades of absence, popular for its industrial look and flexible use on auctions and flea markets world wide.




Architonic | architecture and design

Architonic | architecture and design

Copenhagen Plant Science Centre — Universitets- og Bygningsstyrelsen - Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter


Charley Harper Gallery - Limited and Open Edition Fine Art Serigraphs Lithographs, Ford Times and Giclee Original Artwork by Charles.

Charley Harper Gallery - Limited and Open Edition Fine Art Serigraphs Lithographs, Ford Times and Giclee Original Artwork by Charles.: "Authorized Dealer of Limited and Open Edition Serigraphs, Lithographs and Giclées"

Well wellboard | fibreboard at Stylepark

Well wellboard | fibreboard at Stylepark: "Application:
Furniture / interior design, Exhibition (stand) construction, Model making
Material › wood › fibreboard
Material › natural fibre › board
Material › paper/cardboard › corrugated cardboard
01 Material Profile"

Perfectly staged | News & Stories at Stylepark

Perfectly staged | News & Stories at Stylepark: "Vittorio Garatti: Costume for the ballet school from Havanna, 1981 © Aldo Ballo + Marirosa Toscani Ballo, Milano, 1981"